Friday, February 12, 2010

Thoughts on part three of Emma... and conclusion.

Sorry I delayed this so long!

The proposal compared to the Gwyneth Paltrow version was awful. My mom and I didn't know it was a proposal until after the proposal! Mr. Knightley's facial expressions were the reason behind this, I think. I translated how he moved his face as grimaces. He didn't look in love, or happy at all, whereas he seemed very much in love in earlier scenes. Very disappointing. Also, the version we watched is different than this video I'm embedding. They cut out the happy couple explaining to each other their actions... therefore, the PBS version we have recorded feels butchered.

Also, one line Emma said seemed (to me) to indicate that she hadn't changed; that her character hadn't developed. After Harriet revealed that she was "in love" with Mr. Knightley, Emma shooed her out the door rudely and said after Harriet had left: "I wish to God I hadn't meet her." I CANNOT BELEIVE  they added that when she had seemed to change! It ruined everything for me.

Until Harriet married Mr. Martin. I LOVED that scene, as I'm very fond of Mr. Martin (that's one reason I dislike Emma in the beginning). Harriet looked so happy, and soooo CUTE!
And then, I thought the scene where Emma bursts in and says "You know I love you, and I always will; but we can never marry! That is all." was very humorous.

And the scene of their honeymoon to the seaside made up for a bad proposal scene. :) The scenery was gorgeous!

Conclusion on the whole "Emma" miniseries: loved it! Over all, it was well done.
Particularly the Emma/Knightley dance:

That is the best Austen adaptation dance I've ever seen! It captured Knightley realizing he loves her, Emma unconciouly realizing she loves him, and everyone--save the Eltons-- is happy for them. Everyone seems to realize it but her! And she claims to have "great insight into the human heart"...... :)

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