Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Movies to fall in love with... part one

I know my standards might be slightly different than yours when it comes to entertainment, but I promise you I am not suggesting anything terrible, like.... I don't know, "Nine"?

         1. One Night with the King

     Don't let the title scare you away! This is one of my favorites. One Night with the King is the story of Hadassah, known to most of us as Esther.The casting, costumes, sets, and locations are all perfect! Chip at Chipmunk's Corner ( plans to do a costume study on this movie! Yay!

          2.  Emma BBC
     You've heard a lot about this one. :)

           3. Emma (1996)
     This one is very funny! Though it isn't as accurate to the book as the BBC's is, it's good for short attention spans (i.e. me, when I was first starting my obsession with Jane Austen :) Even my sister, the one who likes computer games, sports, and Christian pop music, laughs at almost everything  that is said in this movie.

           4. Pride and Predejude (2005)
    You've probably seen this one already... but I had to include it. The whole thing was done beautifully.... though if you are new to the story and/or Regency England, you'll have to watch it a few times before you understand what they're a talking about. (I should know. I myself was confused dreadfully at first) :)

               5. Miss Potter
     I can honestly say it is postively charming, from start to finish. Set in very early Edwardian England (1902, I think) this is the tale of The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Well, actually, it is the tale of Miss Beatrix Potter, the author of the best-selling children's books, who falls in love with her publisher, Mr. Norman Warn. (That is all I shall say..... for I am sure I will give it all away if I say more.)

    Part two coming soon!

    p.s. my hem is crooked on my Project Valentine's Day dress. So, no pics.... yet. Sorry! (again!)


    1. I've seen them all and completely second your high opinion of them! :)

    2. has you know celine that one nihgt with the king is like one of my fave movies! I also like pride and (I dont know how to spell that). I was goig to watch miss poter again this weekend havent seen that one in while but it so cute. I love emma as well but I have seen the BBC one. (I know celine I will soon). you should of put ever after (maybe you will in part 2)I love that movie. I love all of the movies. you know that I have seen them all with you celine? wow this is a long comment :)

    3. my! my comment has alot of grammer problem sorry about that.


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