Monday, February 8, 2010

Alice in Wonderland...

This movie doesn't look like it would be very interesting, but the costumes look amazing!!!
Uh oh. I can see my #8 on my sewing projects list on the horizon now!
Alice Kingsley (I think that's her name) is doing a replica... she's embroidering the whole hem by hand! Here's the link.
Costumer's Guide did a costume study on this  blue dress. Here's the link.
Alice wears a really cool necklace with this dress, by the way. You can buy it here. (for a good sum, of course.) And do you know that Claires has a new line? "Alice in Fashionland". Some of the stuff is really cute. :) I promise I'll post pics of my dress tomorrow (Wednesday, that is.) I finished it today. Until next time, then.

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