Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm going to replicate the Jump dress from the Titanic*.

I won't be beading the jacket, and I'll only put those black medallions and the fringe on the hem on the front of the dress, to make it more cost-efficient... and besides, the point d'esprit will be covering it anyway.

Here's my drawing. I've already decided to change a few things, but it's close.

Here are my materials for the bodice. Just 1/2 yd red satin, 1/2 yd black tulle and 3/4 yd black Casa Collection lace from Joanns. I'm assembling the bodice first, then I'll line it and work on the skirt, etc. This is going to be more of an ongoing project, just buying materials as I go along.

I'm going to draft/drape the pattern myself, going off of pics of this out-of-print pattern, Simplicity 8399:

and I'll also be basing it off of this Regency pattern I've had for ages, Simplicity 4055:

*Just a note: I haven't seen the Titanic... I am not necessarily recommending it, just talking about the costumes!

Here are my costume study resources for this dress (and where I found the pics):

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alice cap sleeve

NOTE: I meant to post this a LONG time ago! My apologies!

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Inserting elastic soon. I used Simplicity 4055 's cap sleeve as a base, but altered it so that it wasn't so gathered.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

alice bodice

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Here's a pic of the bodice. I'm using New Look 6824 for the bodice, but I made the front longer and come to a point; I also made the bodice overall more fitted. The dress will fasten with a zipper in the back.

The middle panel of the bodice front was too wide, and overall ill-fitting... so I put a dart up the middle of the bodice. I'm going to overlap a bit of fabric when I put the bead buttons on so that it looks like it buttons down in the front, making it less obvious.

Friday, October 15, 2010

"Alice" inspiration post

Yup, this is my current project.

I'll be doing a fairly close replica of the Down the Rabbithole dress from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland:
 Except that the skirt will be just-below knee length with no ruffle or embroidery, and my material is satin (no organza overlay).

I may even make the gloves....

Well, that's all for today :)


p.s. Check out !!!!!! Pretty impressive replica of the DtR dress!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Marian dress.

Marian: "All my live I've been fighting for England! Do you think that I will let you KILL England?!"
(Robin Hood BBC series; second season finale)

Sorry, just had to include my favorite quote of Marian's, even if it's from a different version than the dress is from! (to other devoted Hoodies--you know what scene I'm quoting, don't you? *sob*)

The Inspiration:
This dress in the 2010 Robin Hood (which I have not seen, but I don't think I'll ever like it NEARLY as much as I love the Robin Hood BBC!!!!)

And  Pearson's Renaissance Shoppe has a licensed replica for sale:
I like my version better, I must say.

My sister found those feathers and tucked then into the bark of our climbing tree. I spent Wednesday's afternoon reading The Phantom of the Opera on that branch.
Close up of the laces. I used --get this-- the cotton string we tie up our rotisserie chickens with! For the white chemise I used a sheet.

Very peasant-y.

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I thought my new handbag looked very "Marian"... don't you? That's why I bought it.


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