Friday, October 8, 2010

The Marian dress.

Marian: "All my live I've been fighting for England! Do you think that I will let you KILL England?!"
(Robin Hood BBC series; second season finale)

Sorry, just had to include my favorite quote of Marian's, even if it's from a different version than the dress is from! (to other devoted Hoodies--you know what scene I'm quoting, don't you? *sob*)

The Inspiration:
This dress in the 2010 Robin Hood (which I have not seen, but I don't think I'll ever like it NEARLY as much as I love the Robin Hood BBC!!!!)

And  Pearson's Renaissance Shoppe has a licensed replica for sale:
I like my version better, I must say.

My sister found those feathers and tucked then into the bark of our climbing tree. I spent Wednesday's afternoon reading The Phantom of the Opera on that branch.
Close up of the laces. I used --get this-- the cotton string we tie up our rotisserie chickens with! For the white chemise I used a sheet.

Very peasant-y.

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I thought my new handbag looked very "Marian"... don't you? That's why I bought it.


  1. Beautiful! I actually (don't fall over) have not seen robin hood. I liked the book, and *cough* saw the disney version a while ago, but I think one with real people in it would be quite nice. Great job on the dress!

  2. Its Beautiful! I love the light blue you chose. It gives a air of elegance to the peasantness... haha

  3. What a lovely dress! I love the length/drape of the sleeves - and the skirt is so nice and swingy! Great job!

  4. I love your costume! Great job. :) I like the your version of the dress and the color of fabric you picked way better than the original!

  5. Lovely job Celine! The color is lovely, and I just adore the cut of the skirt! Great job> :D


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