Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The "inexpensive fantasy dress"

 NOTE: I wrote this article a week ago, before I had drafted the pattern or basted the mock-up. Updates coming soon.

This dress, so far, is merely a dream in my head.... I have yet to draft the pattern, or even buy the fabric! However, I've drawn sketches, calculated costs, and thought up how the pattern should be, and what the measurements should be. I've also finished my other projects.... almost! Just some hemming to be done.....
Anyways, here's the inspiration:
The blue dress that (I think) actress Cate Blanchett is wearing in the new "Robin Hood" (the movie doesn't look very interesting, I must say.... and very gory, too.) However, this picture got the wheels in my mind turning. 
I saw some fabric at Walmart last time I went (and the time before that too) that looked pretty close to this fabric...... and, it was $1.50 a yard. At any rate, at that price, who cares whether or not it's the right shade of blue!!!
Here's my best sketch so far:

(forgive the red pen outlining it. I just grabbed the closest drawing utensil around, and it happened to be a red calligraphy pen.)
By the way, I'm going to sew a longer, sleeveless version of my Regency dress bodice to wear underneath.... but I'm sure you knew I wouldn't wear anything THAT low!
I'm also going to wear a belt I have over it. I don't think I'll do that interesting draping at the sleeves, though.... I don't know how to do it, and I don't like it very much. 
As for the hem line, I think it will be mid calf or so... I can't picture any heroine who must climb trees and possibly go to battle wearing a full length skirt. Not only that, but if it's a shorter length, it will show off my favorite pair of boots! :) 
I haven't gone into detail about the measurements of the pattern, but don't worry, I am thinking about the technical side of this. I think I'll just make a pattern for the six-panel skirt based on the bodice of New Look 6824, a pattern I already own, then attach the two (but not before adding a few inches to make sure it's not too small.) I'll do a test-run with this fabric. It's a set of sheets and pillow cases my grandma gave me (she knows that I love getting any type of fabric... even if it's an old, 40-year-old set of sheets :)

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