Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Emma, part two

I love February. I suppose that's because I'm a true hopeless romantic (well, not hopeless......hope-full!)
I watched part two of Emma, and I'm in love with love again. I haven't gone through a romantic phase like this since last summer.
I have decided I love the Emma + Knightley love story the best. Probibly because I love Mr. Knightley. He's probably my fave Austen hero...I just love how their love story was. They were friends first, a brother-and-sister relationship... and grew to love each other.
    ANYWAY, enough of that. My only critisism for part two is that they portrayed Emma to be in love with Frank Churchill. And she thinks to herself so much about "am I in love with Frank?". I think Jane Austen intended for her to never truly be attached to him at all. And I don't care for the casting of Frank. Sorry, but I don't.

    Mrs. Elton was portrayed well. 

    Enough of Emma. How about I post my favorite flowers this week?
    I love Eglantine, also known as the Alberta Rose to Canadians.

     It is pink, with five petals, and perfumes the air after a rainstorm. I think it is the prettiest flower God created, and I CANNOT WAIT until June, when they start blooming in the ditches everywhere.

    That's all for now.


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