Friday, February 5, 2010

Currently planned projects-- in order (mostly)

Okay, currently my next two projects are....
  1. A dress for my littlest sister to dance in (she LOVES ballet!)
 It will be of yellow satin, with puffed sleeves, and red-pink "roses", and a zipper in the back. It will look like this, sort of...

    2. a green dress for me. NOTE: this was later "the Paisley dress"
It will be made out of this pattern, veiw C, and green. Problem is, I don't know what fabric it'll be... I haven't decided. Polyester, or taffeta. I can't decide. Just depends on price, and what occasions I'll wear it to.If I make it out of cotton, I could wear it to my birthday party, picnics, and my piano student recital... and for St Patricks Day, of course! If I make it out of taffeta, I would wear it to a wedding, formal tea parties, and my actual piano recital; and church on my  birthday, and on Easter (well, maybe one or the other... my birthday is the Sunday after Easter).I'm leaning toward polyester.

            3.   Revolutionary War dress (view D). 
Now, I know this pattern isn't "correct", (for instance, it fastens in the back with a zipper) but that doesn't matter too much, as I'm making several for a tea party I want to host in July (you know, serve herbal teas to protest taxation, talk about samplers, eat puddings and tarts, possibly dance the Virginia Reel together, that sort of thing.) I don't have enough of this style of dress that would work for all of my friends, and I know they don't really have anything 1700-ish.... so I'll be making some out of cotton for the tea, and later events having to do with the Revolutionary War.

       3. ..... and, of course, Butterick B4827 (the orange one). Probably in deep emerald green.

Oh, and I'm going to show you my finished Project: Valentine's Day dress.... tomorrow, that is.  :) I'm wearing it today for a Valentine's tea party with my friend, so I'll show some pics of the tea too. 


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