Friday, February 19, 2010

Colonial (more or less) foods

I'm very fond of the 18th century (the 1700s). Particularly, our country's fight for independence; for freedom. Not only the war, but what they wore, their mannerisms, how they decorated their houses, and what foods they ate.

So it's no surprise I like the American Girl "Felicity" series, set 1774-1775. The story line is rather ridiculous in several parts, but then it is set from a 10 year old's point of view. I don't actually like the story that much... but the pictures of the clothing, and the section in the back called "A Peek into the Past" is really interesting.

The movie also had amazing costumes. I'm surprised they had enough money to make the costumes.... almost all of them are from the books. The hairstyles aren't correct, but the setting looks pretty realistic. The acting is slightly fake-ish (you can tell the young actresses had very little experience) but the music is lovely, and when they go to Lord and Lady Templeton's Christmas Eve ball, the dancing is beautiful (particularly the Minuet).

I intend to do a costume study as soon as Dad and I figure out how to take pics using the software I have.

ANYways, I've been cooking recipes from Felicity's Cooking Studio.
With frozen raspberries, I made Raspberry Flummery.
I think this isn't an authentic recipe, actually.

There's a great deal of sugar, so I'm cutting back next time. I also thought I hadn't added enough cornstarch, so I added more....and I think it turned out more like a jam once chilled. Which is good, because Mom didn't want to make more jam this weekend (she's had to make a lot lately... it's really good jam!)

And then I made spiced nuts. I should have dipped the nuts in the egg whites, then in the sugar/spice mix individually.... but I didn't want to get egg bacteria all over my hands. So, glops of egg white came along with the nuts that I scooped out of the egg white bowl, and made clumps of sugar/spice mix. I tried to put as much of the glops on the nuts as I could.... so more than half of the nuts are sugar/spice clumps now.
oh, well...... I'll do better next time. :)

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  1. Ooh, I'm a big AG fan, so this post was of great interest to me! I guess you already knew that, though, since you've been following my blog (I didn't know you had one or I would have checked it out a while ago!).

    I think the Felicity books are okay, but the film was really quite lame - all the AG films are, really. But you gotta love the costumes!


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