Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tutorial: buttons

I always have sooooo many buttons... ones without purpose, as they aren't pretty.

Then I added up all of my money and estimated how much I would need for my next projects.....button forms were an extra expense and I was almost going to skip the buttons on the Little Women dress.... which would be awful, as they're one of my fave features.

Then I realized I could use all of my extra buttons like button forms and save money in the process! Here's how I did it:

I cut several squares of fabric, about this size compared to the buttons:

Then I cut off the sides and made the squares into circles:

I folded two sides of the circle over the button, overlapped them and sewed them together.

Like this. and then folded the other sides over that, like this.

And tie the thread off. They will look like this in the back

Leave a bit of fabric on the back to sew the button to your project with.

I'm sewing these on to the front of the bodice of my Little Women dress.

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