Thursday, January 28, 2010

Emma: my thoughts on Epsiode One

Well, I finished Emma, episode one, last night; I had previously thought that the mannerisms were much to modern, and that she was just a 21st century woman in a 19th century dress.... however, after the first half hour or so, she improved, and so did the story.
Emma in this adaptation is in 3D. Not literally, but it is true: she has her faults more clearly portrayed than in Emma with Gwyneth whats-her-name. The Miramax Emma (previously mentioned) was more funny, while this adaptation has more depth. We see the flaws in all of the characters, and we also see the strengths. For instance, although Emma doesn't think before she speaks, she is wonderful and covering up what hurtful things she says. For instance:

(fast forward teh first two minutes or so.)

Also, you see in this one how she lead Mr. Elton on. Her brother-in-law even told her she was, and she thought it ridiculous. (fast forward the first three minutes or so.)

And the friendship that she and Harriet have: (fast forward through the first bit.) Harriet is portrayed perfectly! She is very sweet. And Emma bitterly regrets meddling, as Mr Knightley said she would.

Well, though I could talk for hours and hours on this subject, I do not have the time. Next week I will talk about episode two.

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