Friday, January 15, 2010


I must confess. I must.
I'm cheating on my two current projects. I've been looking at Simplicity's Early Spring 2010 pattern line.......... and planning another project. There, I said it!

Simplicity 2444 has caught my eye. The green dress, on the left. Of course, I would make it in cotton; taffeta is too expensive for me right now, as this pattern calls only for fabric, not fabric and lining. That would be six yards of taffeta, at $10 a yard at least... too much! And I also would only wear it to one place if it was a fancy fabric. Cotton will be perfect.

However, it came to my attention that I have a pattern quite similar to this one; the pattern that is the base for almost all of my projects. (for instance, this green dress I've been meaning to show you):

The one flaw of this pattern: the square neckline is too low. I cut it several inches higher than it was, and it's still borderline too low. That problem is solved, though; there is a round neckline similar to 2444 in the pattern I used. I'll just stay away from the square.

This is the pattern. It isn't quite as fitted as the other pattern, but that is easily solved. The patterns are almost identical; except that New Look 6824 is $5 and suggested retail for Simplicity 2444 is $17. I bought New Look 6824 at Wal-mart for about $4.

Hence, I have decided that I'll make a dress exactly like 2444 using 6824 and save $17. I'm glad I thought of it!


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