Monday, January 25, 2010


"Emma Woodhouse was born with the sun shining...."
That's right, Emma BBC 2009 debuted last night. I was not allowed to stay up late enough on a school night to watch it, but I watched the first bit, and we made sure we recorded it. Here is how it begins.

I think it was a good beginning. They seemed to think through the story through. It is chronologically correct that Frank Churchill and Miss Fairfax left about the same time. I also think it was genius that teenage Emma might have matched her sister and Knightley's brother.....

But there are also some sad notes, ones that I never thought of really.

I realize now that Emma very well could be Miss Bates in 20 years. Tending to her father, talking all of the time though he can't hear her. Living in a very small cottage, with almost no money. I think it is very important to take care of your parents when they're old; but she was sad, because she would be very much alone. She remembered laughing and playing with Isabella when she was younger....

Anyway, I thought they did a good job on that. It really made me think about her life.

Did you miss the first episode last night? You can watch it here, on PBS's website. If you missed Return to Cranford, you can watch it here until February 16th.

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