Thursday, January 14, 2010

A teen girl's day book, week II... and project updates

Date... Jan. 14, 2010
Starting time...7:57 am
Outside my window...dead branches. the skies are dark, and I'm hoping it might rain. Anything is better than so-so weather.
I'm thinking...that I'm gonna run out of time before school starts
I'm reading... The Midnight Dancers by Regina Doman
I'm listening to... The Secret Life of Daydreams from the movie Pride and Prejuduce
I'm wearing... my pjs and a bathrobe. I'll change before school, I promise!
Yesterday, I...went to "school", drama club, then to the library
I'm excited for... Friday and Saturday!
I'm sad because... I'm not sad
I'm hungry for... nothing. I just ate.
The song stuck inside my head is... Wuthering heights, by Hayley Westernera (?)
I want... fabric! five yards of green cotton, and 3 yards white cotton. I also need 1 yard of 1/4" wide featherweight boning (badly now. I can't go much farther without it)
I love... the new Simplicity pattern for Early Spring 2010, 2444
I loathe... my new schedule and commitments (a few of them, anyway)
This week, my goal is... to finish my dresses (Valentine's and Little Women) and to mend the table cloth
Did I meet last week's goal?... yes
Ending time...8:05 am

Well, here are my updates. This is "Project Valentine's Day":

It doesn't look quite right in these pics, but don't worry...
Then I took a pic of the inside of the bodice... the lining.
The bodice back is assembled as well, and the skirt is gathered and sewn... but I can's sew them together, as I need the boning!

This is the skirt I made out of the fabric my great-grandparents gave me for Christmas. I'm thinking about doing the waistband differently though... the gathered waistband with elastic seems to add bulk; but I won't fix it for a while. Spring isn't that close I'm also not going to do pockets or use the buttons on this skirt... I think I'll make an apron.

And here is the fabric and trim I'm using for the Little Women costume replica... sorry for the shadows.

Here is the bodice to date:
I think I'm not going to do the white ruffle sleeves underneath:
I also think I should have cut the plaid fabric with the bars going vertical rather than horizontal, like Jo's stripes, but I thought I was going to run out of fabric... I'm going to have 2 yards extra, actually!

This dress has a black sash at the waist only seen in the movie, not the stills... I think I won't do that either. The dress will fasten in the back.

I hope to buy a small gold locket and put it on black ribbon like Jo's... but I might not find one, who knows?

Well, that's all for today.

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