Sunday, January 24, 2010


Weeeeellllllllllll.......... I went to Wal-mart yesterday. Actually, we went shopping all day at various stores. It was awful. I almost fell asleep a few times, I was so tired. But, I'm glad we have the money to buy new things, and a car to get us where we need to go... and I am so glad we don't have to shop very often. That would be torture.
I am very happy that I came along though. I got my most needed sewing supplies. I bought a yard of off-white cotton for $1.50 a yard (for a petticoat), and then I bought a yard of this fabric, also for $1.50(shown left). It's really nice... reminds me of wedding dress fabric.

Then I bought 3 yards of 1/2" boning for $3. I didn't think that Wal-mart would carry boning, but it did!

I also priced out a few projects I want to do when I have the money. I was going to buy some green cotton, but they really didn't have the color or texture I wanted. :( I found out that they carry the costume pattern I want, though. :)



  1. celine you know that you have waaaayyyyy to may projects going already! (Danielle)

  2. yeah you already have lots of projects going on!! But I do like that fabric :)


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