Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project : Valentine's Day

Well, I have to admit I've been working on my Little Women costume rather than another project I started before that; and I need the dress before I need the costume.

I'm doing this pattern, It's So Easy Simplicity 2884, veiw B, with the exception of the closure in the back; I'm doing A's ties rather than the buttons that close B. I'm sewing it out of red fabric, and, since it is rather low, and it's still winter, I'm going to wear a white three quarter length sleeve shirt underneath.

Here's a pic of the fabric.... it isn't exactly what it looks like in real life, but close.

I still need to purchase boning; 2 yards of 1/4" wide featherweight boning, to be precise. I only need 3/4 of a yard for this pattern, but I decided the bodice of my Little Women costume needs to be stiffer.... so I'll get two yards.

Another one of the reasons I'm not working on it so much is I can only do so much with out the lining; I'm still waiting for Mom to wash the cotton I'm using for lining, but she's had a lot to do lately.

So, the pleats in the upper bodice are done, the pieces of fabric are cut out, and the neck straps are sewn, pressed, and sewn to the bodice, the bodice back is sewn together, the skirt is assembled and gathered........ but that's almost as far as I can sew before I need the lining.

So I sewed a skirt out of the yard of pink flowered cotton I got for Christmas from my great-grandparents:

The heart-shaped buttons will adorn a pocket or two on the skirt. I've sewn the skirt, but I don't have pics of it yet, and I haven't sewn the pockets either.

Then I cut out the bodice peices for a dress I'm going to make out of a old set of sheets my grandma from Canada gave me. It's a pretty wild print; don't worry, it's a dress I'll wear when I'm sitting behind the lavender bushes reading a novel during the summer months, or if I'm sewing or cooking or something. I love wearing colorful dresses at home!
Well, that's that. more soon.


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