Wednesday, June 2, 2010


*happy sigh* Last year, we retired a set of red paisley sheets that happened to be my favorites.... and Mom let me keep one of them! The other one we use as a picnic blanket... I had origianally hoped to make this dress from Love Comes Softly (2003):

(pic from Mrs. Darcy's Dressing Room) However, one sheet is not enough fabric for such a full skirt like that. 
Then I decided that I would make an A-line, knee-length skirt... until I realized that I had enough to make a dress, and line it too. 
So, I chose this pattern. The green one, with C's bodice.

More on this later. :)


  1. I love paisley!! What color is it?

  2. Super Cute Dress :)

  3. red paisley.. sorry, I forgot to mention that!


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