Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sewing news....

I bought the "inexpensive fantasy dress" (you know, I need another name for it.... suggestions?) fabric a little while ago.... it's very gray compared to the blue in the pic, but, as the name will tell you, inexpensive.

Next: My 4th of July costume-skirt is in this fabric
with this pattern
pics coming in... well, whenever I have time, I guess.

The project I'm currently working on: my Oktoberfest costume. (See some examples of Oktoberfest costumes here). It'll be in a blue linen-y type fabric, with this pattern for the vest:

I'm embroidering it too, but in the planning stages. (I think the embroidery will be like the embroidery on this dress though.)

have a nice day! It's finally starting to get warm around here.... yay!!!!


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