Sunday, June 27, 2010

the red beaded dress...

Never really gave this dress a name, because the process was so fast.

The dress is made of red satin, and  the stomacher and skirt and overlaid with hot pink "organza" least, I called it organza, but honestly I'm not quite sure what fabric it is.

I drafted the whole pattern for it myself. I did two mock-ups (I think) before I cut into the fabric. It was like pulling teeth to get a five year old to do fittings!

Here's the beading on the stomacher in the front. I hand beaded it. The organza overlay is split in the front and has beading on the edges and on the whole hem.

back view. I need to work on my zippers. *sigh*

the beading on the overlay. The overlay, as you can tell, stops five-ish inches away from the satin's hem.

Over all, this was a huge success. She loves to play dress-up in it!


  1. That's really cute--great job! I know, I dread sewing zippers and buttonholes. :P


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