Saturday, June 12, 2010

the different ways to make wings..

 I think it would be so fun to have wings like Tink!

Ok, has anyone seen "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore? I'm sure a lot of you have... anyway, when "Danielle" goes to the ball, she wears these gorgeous wings:

(It's a masquerade ball, and she's dressed as a butterfly. It fits into the story...) Anyway, I found some info about the wings in an interveiw with the woman who made the "Breathe" dress here. Here's an excerpt:

"I wanted the inner corset to be as light as a feather at the front but was like scaffolding at the back. Although the wings were very light, as wings go, they were still heavy enough to be in danger of pulling the bodice away from her back at the top, hence the rigidity. 

Sadly, I can't remember the name of the prop maker who made the wings. I think her first name was Nicole. They were made with piano wire and organza and were beautifully and delicately made."

Here's an image of the inner corset:

Anyways, I decided to make some wings myself.  I just used a "quickie" method, but they're still pretty.... I should have researched first, though, because this way using wire hangers would have been more stable.

Here they are! They're more yellow in real life... all I did to make them was cut wings out of some yellow cardboard (?) and stapled  some old curtain fabric to 'em. They fasten with elastic straps on the back.

I put Elmers glue on the edges and sprinkled glitter on.... it's really pretty in real life, but some how you can barely tell in the pics. *sigh*
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I gotta say, unless you only have 20 minutes (like I did) don't make them the way I did. They don't last very long before they start bending!


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