Monday, June 14, 2010

red velvet re-fashion

The original garments:
an old red velvet outfit of my mom's, circa 2000. The dress was sleeveless with a knee length slit in the skirt, and had a jacket of the same material to go over it with 3/4 length sleeves and a clasp in the front. And yes, there were originally two sleeves.... I was so excited about this project that I seam ripped one whole sleeve off before I realized I needed to take a "before" pic. *grin*
The inspiration:
 First and foremost, Maid Marian's Wardobe from the BBC Robin Hood, season 1. Particularly these outfits:

....and Eowyn's green dress from Lord of the Rings:

The finished project:

I took the sleeves off of the jacket and put them on the dress. Then I seam ripped the skirt at the side seam up to the hips (the slit was at the side too) finished off the edges, and added the belt and a petticoat underneath. Voila!

back veiw. I love that this dress is so easy to move in. The petticoat is pretty gathered, and with the slits at the side I could do the splits if I wanted!

p.s. the petti has stripes on it... they're very subtle, but they match a lot better than a plain white petti.

side view.
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you can see the belt in this pic. Love it!


  1. That turned out great!! It looks really nice, and I love the belt, too. :)

  2. WOW!!! You're such a wonderful seamstress!
    I love it.

  3. Fantastic job! I love the color. =]

  4. Nice job! I love it! Did you do anything in particular to make the petticoat?


  5. Thank you everyone!

    I simply sewed the waistband and gathered skirt with right sides together, ironed about 1/2" of the other side of the waistband under, and slip stitched it to the other side.... sorry if that's a bit confusing... feel free to ask more questions if it is. :)


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