Monday, May 31, 2010

Guess what I just ordered!!!

Butterick patterns B4254....
....and B6196!!! Soooo exciting!!!

B4254 is a great one to have in the stash.... I think I'll start with the corset in the lower left. As for B6196, I'm going to use the vest pattern for an Oktoberfest costume.... I'll make my own skirt and draft my own blouse pattern. (You see, both blouses are really low... that's why I didn't post the pattern picture. It was absolutely disgusting!)

Have a nice evening (well, whats left of it)!



  1. I have that corset pattern too, though I haven't made anything with it yet.
    Looks like you have some fun sewing ahead of you! :-D

  2. You and Danielle have always wanted a real corset since you guys were little! Now you can play layers with a real corset! I am SO excited let me know when you are finished :)


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