Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The "Anne" dress (from the 18th century)

 back view. Don't you love my period correct green rubber boots? *grin*

  a better view of the back.
 the awesome sleeves. Seriously. They make the dress!

 side/front view. (this is me directing my sister about what I wanted to be in the background. Little did I know she was snapping pictures when I wasn't looking during the whole photo shoot! *grin*)
Sadly, all of our pics of the front were really bad : / Actually, in the 75 pics we took, only 6 of them I deemed "ok". The wind was always making the skirt look really weird!

 when I realized I didn't have any good pics of the front, I handed Amelia the camera and posed. My hair was really scary so we cut off my head.... and it's fuzzy too.... but you can see the lovely gathers in the skirt. *happy sigh* It's so fun to wear!

I used Simplicity 3723, view D.... except that I shortened the sleeves, and put princess seams in the back, rather that having darts.

Amelia wants me to make her a "C" dress. She would look really cute in it......


  1. None of the dress pictures are working on my computer. : (
    I really want to see them. I'm not sure if it's my computer or the pictures themselves, because the pattern picture shows up. Could you try uploading them again if it's not too much trouble?

  2. ok.... if you could see the pattern picture, this should work.....

  3. It's working now, sorry about that... it must have been my computer messing up. Adorable dress! Just lovely.

  4. I know... so cute :)


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