Thursday, May 20, 2010

Medieval inspiration....

Lately, I've been in a Medieval mood. I think that's because of the new Narnia movie coming out. (trailer coming in about three weeks!!! YAY!)
Remember the inexpensive fantasy dress? Well, I finished drafting the pattern.Yay! When I find the fabric, I'm totally going to sew this dress:

I also want to sew a LotR inspired dress using Simplicity 4940. Love the sleeves.

.....and I love Ophelia's gown..... but it's a painting, and I don't know how to make that gold trim in real life.
It reminds me an awful lot of the blue dress that Lucy wears in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe...

well, those are just thoughts. Right now I'm working on my fichu and some sort of Regency/Chemise a la Reine dress.

Have a lovely day:)


  1. Hello Celine dear!

    I found your sweet blog through Nina's 'Wickfield'! How enchanting! I simply love this blog! Actually, I really love any blogs that are about fashion and clothes - but that are done by sweet, Christian young ladies! I'm excited to begin following you...and can't wait to see future posts!
    Please feel free to stop by my blog:

    Blessings to you, dear!
    ~Miss Raquel

  2. PS: Have you seen 'Robin Hood' yet? I CANNOT wait to see it!! :) It only came out a few days ago, but I am just ecstatic to be able to see it. :)

  3. I haven't. Sadly, I don't think I can handle it yet. :( However, I'm going to try and see the BBC "Robin Hood" series soon, at least. :)


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