Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Oktoberfest costume!

My Bavarian dirndl in it's completed state.

To define dirndl: "The dirndl consists of a bodice, blouse, full skirt and apron." --Wikipedia (here's the rest of the article. Very interesting.)

Picking lavender barefoot. I love lavender tea.

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The skirt and the shoes and stockings I should be wearing that I took off after a few minutes...they're VERY warm!!!

Now, on to the vest:

The front and back of the vest. Laced in front with a yellow ribbon.

Concerning the skirt: It is constructed like this one. (You'll have to scroll waaaaaaaaaay down, as it was a loooong post of mine :)

Concerning the missing apron: I didn't end up sewing the apron. I left it for last.... and then decided that my outfit didn't need it. In fact, if I had stuck to my original plans, it would look pretty plain.
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Princess seamed.
And a first look at my purity ring! Pics coming soon.
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Patterns used: Butterick 6196 for the vest. I'm wearing a 18th century shift (or chemise) I've had on hand for years for a blouse/slip..... and as I mentioned before, the skirt is simply two rectangles of fabric, gathered, and sewn right sides together with a waistband. Then I slip stitched the waistband on the other side so that the raw edge of the skirt was covered. The waistband overlaps a few inches and is fastened with two buttons. Comments are welcome if this is confusing.


Pics courtesy of my younger sister Amelia (THANK YOU!!!!). She's getting VERY good, yes? :)


  1. Oh my!! That's adorable!! I love it!! :-D

  2. This is gorgeous! So full of character. ^.^ I love the color, too. Lovely work!

  3. Oh, my goodness!!! You did a lovely job, Celine! It's it's it's BEAUTIFUL!!!:)

  4. Thank you so much! You all make blogging worth while :)

  5. Very nice! I love your blouse especially. :-)


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