Monday, August 30, 2010

100 blessings--continued

26. New clothing!
27. that we can take day-trips (which is why I'm late on this....)
28. cars that work
30. clean, fun books to read :)
31.  The Book Fae-- where all my fave books come from, really.
32. Other blogs to read :)
34. new shoes!
35. Earrings, bracelets, ect.
36. blog events
37. Mountains
38. different varieties of trees
39. Sunshine
40. mist
41. the ocean!
42. RAIN!!!
43. THUNDERSTORMS! (really, rain + thunderstorms are one of my favorites of the things God created for us :)
44. Smiling faces
45. color
46. light
47. darkness
48. restful sleep
49. the library!
50. last but not least, my Mom (though I think she was included in #5, why not thank God again, as it was her birthday yesterday!!!!) I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!
Thank you for your insight and your opinion, your wisdom, your patience, and your support..... and also for being my "teacher"!


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