Sunday, August 22, 2010

100 blessings :)

This is from Olive Tree’s idea – post 25 blessings you’re grateful for once a week, for four weeks. It’s called 100 blessings!
  1. That Jesus Christ died for my sins
  2. that we can be 100% positive that we're going to Heaven
  3. that God loves us and continues to forgive us---till the day we go to be with Him, He's working on our character
  4. that the government allows my parents to home school me and teach me what they believe is in accordance with the Bible
  5. that I even have godly parents-- and two awesome sisters :)
  6. my aunts
  7. my uncles
  8. my cousins
  9. that my aunts, uncles, and cousins can come and visit!
  10. my grandparents
  11. that my grandparents can come and visit!
  12. friends
  13. nourishing food to eat
  14. lots of different clothing to wear
  15. foundation and cover up (comes in handy for picture-taking :)
  16. lip balm 
  17. Vicks Vaporub
  18. Tylonel
  19. our herb garden! 
  20. paper and pencils a-plenty
  21. FABRIC!!!!!!
  22. costume-y movies to inspire me :)
  23. clean family movies to enjoy (yes, there are several out there)
  24. youth group
  25. new people to meet
At first, I was thinking that I might run out of ideas... but I currently have another 20 in my head right now!

The Lord has blessed us abundantly, hasn't He? :)


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  1. It made me smile to see you had Tylenol on the list. It's something we use so much, but we often take for granted, isn't it! ;)


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