Monday, April 19, 2010

Historically inspired pink-and-white-striped dress

#1 in the Colonial Craziness series! (a few others are coming soon)

The inspiration:
Jenny's "Pink and White striped set" from Historically Dressed.
(her image, by the way)

The finished project:

This dress was based on Simplicity 3723. However, I made changes.
  •  The sleeves are from another pattern in my stash, and shortened. 
  • The skirt is split in the front to reveal a white petticoat (not pictured because the fabric hasn't been washed yet). 
  • In the back, instead of darts, I used the princess-seam back pattern that I drafted. 
  • I made two alternate stomachers, a white one and a pink striped one of the same fabric. The pink striped is pictured.
  • Rather than fastening with a zipper in the back, there are hooks and eyes, and snaps attaching the stomacher and bodice front.
Sorry for the shadows and bad lighting! I just really needed to get the pics taken as soon as possible...otherwise I couldn't post them today. :) You know how that is.


p.s. pics of Craigdarroch and Hatley Castle coming soon.... may take awhile, but they're a' comin'


  1. Great job, it turned out really nice! And I like the fabric you picked. :)

  2. Ohhhhh! It is so beautiful!!! I am very impressed! Superb job, Celine!


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