Monday, April 5, 2010

The Candy Cane Dress is finished!!!!!

Here it is. (with my calendar's picture reflecting in the mirror. Guess where it is? Scotland!)

Amelia was going to take pics of me wearing it for me, but I ran out of time to try it on, fix my hair, all of that.... and Amelia was practicing the piano, so I just took pics of it on the hanger. Besides, I wanted to model it on a sunny day... and it's pouring (which isn't bad! I think it's beautiful outside, but rain doesn't suit this dress. Sunshine does :)

The red ribbon is a hair ribbon I found from my stash. I think it came from a chocolate box!

I ended up changing the plans a little.... see, I put on the dress before I bound the sleeves very much, or put the ruffles on them, or put the ruffles on the hem. I kinda grew used to it like that... and when I put the ruffle on the hem a few days later, (1) the strip of fabric was too short to be ruffled very much,  (2) it was a weird length, and (3) I liked the dress better without it!

Over all, this dress worked like a dream... especially the bodice. I used New Look 6824 (I reviewed it here). I love that pattern. All of the patterns I draft, I base off of that one.

However, I should note: I made up the skirt, and used Simplicity 4055 (reviewed here) for the sleeves. I'm wearing this petticoat (scroll down) beneath it.

Here's the bodice back.... I think the zipper turned out rather well, though the pics make it look back. My zippers in the past have been horrible!!!  Any tips are very appreciated.
Well, thanks for letting me share!


  1. Great job on the dress! It looks lovely! I wish I was in that calendar picture right now! =)

  2. Oh, Celine! It is so beautiful. I cannot wait to see pictures of you in it (in the sunshine:). And I do not mind the rain either. Scotland would be most fun to visit too.
    In Christ,

  3. What a cute dress! Love it!!


  4. you whipped it up in a hurry! Do you have plans to wear it somewhere? Great work!


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