Tuesday, March 16, 2010

great finds at Wal-mart!

In case you're sewing a doll dress that might need little minature black buttons, I found the perfect ones at Wal-mart  for .88 cents!
Here they are, with a bit of a hint as to the doll dress I'm sewing.....

I also got some blouses for $2, like this one. I put a green shirt from Old Navy  (which was only a few bucks, too.... for a week or two last fall, their clearance was an added 50% off!) But, if you think $2 is amazing, head on over to http://novelpretender.blogspot.com and look at Jane's finds at Wal-mart.... just $1 a cardigan!!!

Along with the blouses, buttons, and fabric, I also got three pairs of white stockings for $1.50 a pair (rather than $2). They're very "Alice in Wonderland". (Sorry! I don't have any pics of these, but we all know what white knee highs look like, right?)


p.s. thank you for all of your lovely comments! And yes, I am only one follower away from my goal of 20! (thank you for advertising Iradessa, Bess :) Yay!!!!
Looks like I need a new goal.... suggestions, anyone?

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