Saturday, March 13, 2010


You could be slightly surprised, so let me explain :)

I was organizing my fabric supply (which isn't an easy task!) and found lots of leftover material (more than I expected) and some of my old sewing projects.

I found aprons and skirts I had sewed for my doll Felicity when I was about 8 or 9. They were starter projects for me (of course, I'd been teaching myself to sew since I was 7, but those "projects" don't exactly count :)

Then I found all of the left over fabric, more than enough for doll dresses, I decided.... so I hand sewed one while my machine was needing to be oiled.

And let me tell you, that was a very fun project.

So I thought about it, and figured, that if I have so much left over fabric, I bet everyone else does too! Not only that, but y'all are very creative.

Now, I bet you're asking, "well, what if I can't sew?".

Actually, it's not a problem. Just keep reading.

There are five categories, and THERE ARE NO LIMITS AS TO HOW MANY YOU CAN ENTER. If you want to, enter them all and post one each day! You can even enter them all twice since it's so easy to sew for a doll.....

Here are the categories:

1. Historical/Historically Inspired doll clothes: that one speaks for itself. :)

2. Look-a-like: a human sized outfit and a doll sized outfit. Please provide pics of both.

3. Modern Doll Clothes we get to the "No sewing nesesary catagories"

4. Outfits: create an outfit using your resources... for instance, a scarf can become a skirt instantly...OR do a mix-and-match photo shoot using the wardrobe your doll already has. Use you're creativity and resourcefulness! (And you don't have to use fabric.... paper would be interesting!)

5. Accessories: knit, croquet, embroider, bead.... and use your creativity :)

6. Design: in this category, simply draw or paint your ideas and either take pics of the drawing and post them, or scan them.... can't wait to see them! It'd be fun if you included fabric swatches....

Here's how you participate: post pics of your project(s), so that we can see it clearly. If you participate in more than one category, you don't have to post all of your projects on one day; just sometime during the week. A day or two before it starts, I'll provide a place for you to put a link TO EACH SPECIFIC POST. If you have two different categories in one post, then place your link to the post in both categories. If this still doesn't make sense, don't worry; I'll explain it again before it starts.

Now, then; what if you don't have a 18" doll? YOU DON'T NEED ONE! Barbies and baby dolls work great... just as long as the subject isn't human, any doll is allowed.

If you have an 18" doll, though, you'll be happy to know about this: AGPlaythings has made PDFs of the American Girl doll dress patterns that used to be avalible a long time ago! Here's the link:

And now for the button thingys.... please post one on your sidebar with a link to this post to show you're participating.

Have fun!!!


NOTE: I do not endorse how all the American Girl characters act in their books and/or movies unless I state otherwise. Thank you. :)


  1. How fun! =) Great idea! I'm excited! I'll be posting you're interview ad on my blog either Sun., Mon., or Tue.

  2. Cool! I would love to participate. I have never done any of these before, how does it work? I just post it on my blog? Do I need to comment on here with a link to my posting? Sorry for all the questions, I'm new to blogging. : )

  3. No, no! Questions are wonderful! They help me improve my communication.

    I edited the post.

  4. I've made two outfits for a Kirsten doll (one of which I've already posted on my blog), and one modern outfit - would these qualify? Can I enter more than once?

  5. the ones you haven't posted would be fine... and yes, you can enter as many categories as many times as you want.

  6. Hi Celine! I've awarded you on my blog! Check it out!

    The Book Blog

  7. Hey one more question. Is this a contest or just for fun to display the outfits?

  8. basically just for fun... no prizes, sorry :(
    If you'd like to participate in a contest for a prize then check out the Ruffle Your Stuff contest:

  9. Hey, I had an idea for another possible category so that more people could participate - since it's "fashion week", what about a photoshoot of mix-and-match combos from the wardrobe you already have? Just a thought!

  10. GREAT IDEA!!! I'll add that as an option to the "outfits" category

  11. Well I got a banner up on my blog! I made mine myself - hope you don't mind!

  12. no, go ahead and make your own if you want. The banners I made are just suggestions :)

  13. I have some dresses I've made for the dolls and posted about on my blog. Can I create new posts for the same dresses for this week? How about dresses that I have on my business site for sale, can I post about them on my blog for the event?


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