Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sheildmaiden: completed!

This dress was used in the Robin Hood play for a talented student violinist that provided us with our music for the show. :)

My lovely friend Brooke is modeling it for these pics, however, since I can't download the pics from the production. BTW, we added a long sleeve tee shirt underneath because it's absolutely freezing outside!

THe dress laces up in back, and the ties are directly tied on to the sleeves. As you can imagine, it takes awhile to lace someone into this outfit!

This dress was inspired by Eowyn's "Shieldmaiden" dress from Lord of the Rings:

The fabrics I used were actually a bedsheet (the cream) and the vest was made from a brown cotton sateen pillocase. I draped/eyeballed the pattern. 

Pics by my sister.

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  1. What a magnificent job! You are a very talented seamstress!


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