Monday, February 7, 2011

Marie dress... finished!

I finished this forever ago... but didn't get decent pictures until just recently. (Spent a night and a day in curlers, and then another hour styling my hair, and moving the mirror, desk, etc downstairs. Yup.)

I love the beading on this dress. In fact, I've decided I LOVE beading!!!! The Jump dress is so fun to be making at the moment. :)

Thanks to Amelia for pics, as always.


p.s. I'M GOING TO A BALL!!! And I'm wearing this dress :)


  1. That looks awesome!

    I have a pile of fabric and ribbon trim just waiting to be turned into a medieval dress, but I keep putting it off. I did pull out the machine on Saturday night and made a quick skirt though (I posted pics on

    Maybe I'll start the dress *this* weekend! :)

  2. It is beautiful! Great job. I love the mask and your hair too. :-)

  3. It turned out lovely; great job!! And it's cool that you have somewhere to where it. :)


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