Monday, January 10, 2011


So, here I am, in the middle of three projects... and I'm starting another one!

Well, I wasn't intentionally looking for a new project.

I was at Wal*Mart a few days after Christmas, and like, EVERYTHING was on sale. Including these beautiful jaquard tablecloths!!!!!!!

Origanally $9 ea., they were marked down to $4.50 each!

I promptly bought two for the main fabric for this dress from PotC:
 Elizabeth's Gold gown from Pirates of the Carribean

I don't know if I'll go into too much detail (the elaborate stomacher, etc.) I'll make the neckline higher, but it'll be similar to Simplicity 4092:

The jacquard should have been $10 a yard for this project. ($50 total). I got the whole kit and caboodle for about $10 total!!!!

Of course, I still need to buy the contrast fabric, lining, zipper, etc........... but that was a really good buy!!!!

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  1. Great job! That will be a fun project!

  2. It's funny... just a few days ago I was considering buying some cheap curtains at Ross to use for dress material, and then I read this post.


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