Monday, November 1, 2010

the Alice dress: FINISHED!!!

I meant to get more pics... but we lost our camera's charger and it ran out of battery as soon as I took this. :( Maybe I'll take more some other time.

Also: I just realized that I forgot to mention that this dress was for my "little" sister! (She's not really little anymore... ) Anyways, doesn't she have great taste? The color looks gorgeous on her.... brings out her eyes.

I had lots of fun with this project. I like sewing for people, I've decided. (Though I'll probably never sew for money. I like giving... and once it's a job, it's work, not a hobby!)

hmm... I must say I love the cap sleeves on this dress. The dresses I'm currently in love with all have cap sleeves. (But don't worry! I'll finish my other projects first.... lots of events/contests/family projects to sew for...)


p.s. My cousin had some scary health problems this past Friday, and early this morning he had surgery that was SUCCESSFULL! Praise God!
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