Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am the worlds biggest S+S fan!

Lizzie from Living on Literary Lane is hosting a blog party!


Have you ever run outside during a rainstorm (and if so, please describe it)?
Yes! Every time I'm at home during a rain storm, I run out and get sopping wet. My littlest sister joins me, and we re-enact the scene in S+S when Marianne sprains her ankle.
What is your favorite Sense & Sensibility version: 2008 or 1995?
both, but I think 2008 may be my favorite. The soundtrack, the gorgeous setting.... and Colonel Brandon is overall better in '08.
Do you keep a journal (and if so, how many have you filled)? Well, if you add all if the fractions of a journel I've kept the past decade of my life, I would say 1 and 1/6
What is your favorite thing about summer?
The rain and thunder storms! And the wild roses. And the fact that school's out.
What is your favorite classical song?
hmmmmmm..... don't know!
It's your wedding day. And while you are going down the aisle (gracefully, of course), the audience suddenly bursts into singing "How Do You Solve A Problem Like ____ (your name)?" What are your emotions?
probibly giggling.
What is your favorite scene in Sense & Sensibility? Is the same scene in the movie(s) (and if so, do you like it as well)?
I don't really have a fav scene, so long as Marianne is in it :)
Which of Jane Austen's books is your favorite? Why? Either S+S or Emma. I can relate the most to those two.
Describe your perfect reading "nook": out of doors, hiding in or behind the bushes somewhere.
Have you ever been accused of reading a book when you were supposed to be doing chores?
not really, though I get side tracked easily.
You are on the beach, and you are wearing normal clothes (NOT a bathing suit). Do you consider jumping into the cold ocean anyway? YES. Definately. Though I prefer lakes and rivers.
Do you consider yourself a matchmaker like Emma? Nope. I know it usually causes problems. *grin*
What do you like best about my blog? 
 the background.

What do you think is the worst? (It's always good to get feedback, so I know what to change and what to keep!)
don't know! :)
What are your opinions involving letters: short and brief or long and lovely?
long and lovely.
What Scripture verse has encouraged you a lot recently?
Jeremiah 29:11: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". Can't wait to see what He has in store for me!
Do you consider yourself an artist? If so, in what way?
dress design.
What interests you in a blog: beautiful layout or good content?
Do you believe in saving your first kiss for your wedding day?
Definately until we're engaged with a date set... then I think I'd decide with him. Of course, that's a long ways away from now, so my opinion may very well change!
What are your opinions involving modesty?
that it's extremely important. And unfortunately, our culture is becoming increasingly more and more immodest. :(
Did you enjoy answering all these questions? YES!

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